Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beowulf my last word

The battle was not easy and even though I won, I was injured with a bit from the dragon. In pain and agony, my wound began to swell and burn the venom has started to sink inside of my body. I have battled to the end, but fate has chosen me and it is my time to leave this earth, I told Wiglaf to go back to the village because I wanted to give all of my battle garments to my sons. I still lay on the ground bloody and week waiting on Wiglaf who was there when I took my last few breathes and I told him to take care of our people and to build me a tower at the battle ground to be buried with all of my treasures. My last breath has come and I am now taken away from earth by the holy one and shall I rest in peace. According to spirits my body on earth has been buried in traditional ways which is putting me in a boat and burning it as it sails on the water.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beowulf Vs The Dragon Episode 14

I have defeated Grendel's mom, but I have one more battle before I can fully declare victory, and I have to battle a beast bigger than any of my opponents and it is the dragon. I set sail to go meet my new enemy covered in my armored mail shirt and ready to fight this beast. I have made it to the battle location but nowhere in sight is my opponent, so I shout and this giant blows a stream of fire through his cave and he knows that I am here for battle. I drew my sword ready and anticipating for the battle and I made the first move by quickly trying to pierce my enemy with my weapon, but it didn't work and my sword has been broken, it looked as if fate was here for me and knowing that know I was going to die in this battle. The beast shot out a stream of fire at me again but I dodged it, and when all hope was lost and I was going to accept defeat, but a true loyal kinsman Wiglaf shows up and comes to my aid. Wiglaf, who seems to be the only loyal warrior that I know comes and helps me, to fight the dragon but, with one huge boast of fire from that savage, his shield has been completely burnt to the handle. Now we had no protection, but he gave me hope by mentioning oaths and things we said in the past and I tried to stab the dragon with Wiglaf’s sword, but I failed. Now even more angry the dragon's tusks has bit me sharply me in my neck and I am now dripping blood, but even though I was wounded, I still intended to kill this monster. I drew my battle knife and stuck it into the rough flesh of the beast at cut through the middle and Wiglaf cut through it even more and it was most certainly dead. Victory was mine, but this was my last battle because of wound, but I have destroyed all of my opponents and won all of my battles. 

Beowulf (2007): Short Version - In 6 minutes

Beowulf Vs Unferth

           After I step foot on land, and meet King Hrothgar, I happen to be questioned by this being who goes by the name of Unferth who seems very jealous of me. It seems as if he has too much pride or wishes he were me because he is implying that my battles such as defeating Brecca is a joke. This is the most absurd Dane that I have ever met, the way that he is talking shows that he is envious of me and tries to say anything to make me seem like a fool. After hearing his nonsense it was only right for me to put things in perspective, I felt the need to tell Unferth that no man could have done what I have and that no one could swim as fast as I could. I had to tell the correct story of the fight between Brecca and I because he has put this false information inside of King Hrothgar and his people’s mind. It seems that he is trying to challenge my authority for no reason, because the only reason that I am here is to help the Danes to have a peaceful life. Even though Unferth wants to talk bad about me I will still serve Hrothgar and defeat this monster because this is what I do.

Beowulf vs Grendel's mom episode 12

         As I celebrate over the defeat of Grendel I am asked by King Hrothgar to go after Grendel’s mother because she has went to Herot looking for me on Grendel’s behalf for revenge. Another battle, but it’s for the best, so I followed her trails to her cave, but come to find out she was waiting on me. Ready for her first move, I wasn’t because she crushed me fiercely and thank god for my steel armor because I should’ve been dead that. Even though I was crushed and being squeezed in her hands, I had to keep a pure mind and stayed focus on defeating her. She continues to squeeze the life out of me, but finally! I was able to get free. Enraged now and wanting to slay this monstrous beast so bad, I use my sword Hrunting and try to strike her but I was unsuccessful because it would not work. Frustrated and now Getting madder and madder when I thought all hope was gone and fate has chosen me I spot another sword since Hrunting has broken. I grab the sword hanging on the wall and remove it from its case, it was humungous and I held its hilt as tight as I could, but still enraged and having to complete this mission and battle I struck that beast with all my might, I caught her in the neck and sliced through all of those evil bones. Victory was mine because I stared at her cut off head in relief, and another battle won I think its time to go home.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beowulf Vs Grendel Episode 3-4

I Beowulf have heard about this savage beast that goes by the name of Grendel who harms the innocent people of The Great Danes. I don't like the sound of this because there is evil lurking around and tormenting the village's people, and at once I must make my journey to destroy and stop this Monster! I will set sail with fourteen of my bravest men and with Wulfgar back to Herot to defeat this savage Grendel with no weapons, but my hand. Finally my men and I have made our way to Herot and the time has come for me to defeat this ravager. We waited and waited until the sky was completely dark, and there it was the beast himself sneaked into Herot and I watched every move he made, and my anger building up as he ate the flesh of my warriors. Now! Was the time because he was head to head with and I grasped his arm as tight as ever and I could feel him becoming afraid because he has never encountered a strong human being such as myself. By then I knew he regretted coming to Herot and killing my men and for that I tore his arm off from his body, I had won the battle, Grendel, the enemy of God has run off as he could back to his lair. Finally, the people of Herot were safe and could live their lives peaceful thanks to me.